Why do the mobile apps ask for permission to use the camera and microphone?

The mobile app allows tipsters to attach images or videos to each tip.  That is the reason why tipsters may be prompted by the mobile app for permission to use the microphone or camera.  Note that tipsters can deny the mobile app permission request to use the camera or microphone if they plan to submit tips containing text only. Known Issue: Some Android versions of the app may ask the user for permission to access “Device ID & Call Information”.   However, the mobile app does not save device ID’s, call information, or contact information.  Therefore, again the tipster can deny the mobile app permission requests (if prompted) or update the app to a newer version. Does the mobile app capture the tipsters GPS location? No, the mobile app does not record a tipsters location.  The app does not have any code that accesses the location of the phone via GPS.  In general any mobile app can record the location of a phone.  However, we disable geolocation on our mobile app to protect the tipsters identity. Furthermore, any GPS location contained in uploaded images is removed before images are saved on the server.  In other words, the images do not include EXIF data.  Note that the loss of the EXIF data may cause images to be rotated if the image is downloaded.  However, most image processing software will allow you to rotate the image back into the proper orientation. The only time that the location is available is if the tipster manually types in the address or partial address.  The map on the Map tab of the Tip Manager only contains an approximate location if the tipster manually typed in the address while entering a tip. In summary, the mobile app does not save the tipster’s phone number, device ID, GPS location, or any contact information from a tipsters device.  Any request for information from an Android or Apple device can be denied by the tipster if prompted.

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