What steps can I take to be sure that I am notified of new tips?

First, note that if one user reads the tip, then the other users will not be notified of a new tip by the browser. Therefore, it is best to enable text notifications to your cell phone if you want to be notified of every new tip. Second, a common problem with browsers is that they do not always provide sound alerts if the application is running in the background.  In other words, for best results, P3 must be running in front of all other applications to be most effective with alerting you to new tips.  Also, if the screen saver comes on or the computer goes to sleep or your computer loses a connection to the network, then browser alerts will not fire.  Browser notifications are not compatible with multitaskers. Recommendations:

  • Use Chrome and have only one tab in Chrome open.
  • Remain on the Tip Manager in P3.  Live Chat notices will not fire in other P3 modules.
  • Turn off screen savers.  
  • Disable power saving mode on the computer.
  • Do not open other tabs in Chrome or run other programs in the foreground on the computer.
  • Test the speaker volume.  See Menu > Help > Test Sound.
  • Use text notifications as a backup method of alert by adding your cell phone number to your account under Settings > My Account and check the box labeled “Text Notifications“.

All of the practices above must be followed without exception to ensure that a notification of a live event is not missed. Sound Notification Troubleshooting:

  • Go to the More… button an the Tip Manager sidebar and click the “Recent Notices” button to see a history of sound alerts.
  • To improve performance, copy and paste the following into Chrome:
    Click the “Disable” link.  Click “RELAUNCH NOW” at the bottom of the page.  Restart Chrome.
  • If you have trouble with sound alerts in Chrome, then try FireFox.

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