What should I do if I get an on-screen notice that reads “Network Connection Error”?

If the message says “Network Connection Error” then that means that your local network went offline.  This should allow you to identify when your network is down so that you can contact your local IT support staff. 

A steady internet connection is needed so that users can be notified of any new tips and be able to engage in Live Chat.   This notice may also appear if your network connection is intermittent.  When you see this notice you can click on the P3 icon below once you have verified that your local network is back online.  This will refresh your session.

If you find that this notice appears after a screen saver has been on or after a computer has been asleep, then you can see if your local IT folks can assist you with turning off screen savers and power saver modes on the computers that you all use for Live Chat.  

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