What kind of reports are offered in P3?

Statistical Report This report provides statistics are broken down in over a variety of time periods.  These statistics are broken down in months, quarters, current year, and since inception.  Since Inception totals include Pre-P3 values that are included in your General Settings.

  • Tips Received – The number of tips entered into the Tip Manager  
  • Tip Follow-ups – This is the number of times that the tipster and the agency respond to each other via two-way dialog after the initial Web Tip or Mobile Tip.   This also includes the number of times the ‘Additional Info’ button is used in the Tip Manager for other types of tips.  
  • Calls Received – The number tips received plus the number of calls entered in the the “Call Statistics” module located under the Settings menu  
  • Arrests Made, Cases Cleared, Fugitives, Charges Laid, Rewards, etc.  – These numbers are totals from the Disposition tab of the Tip Manager for a given stat date range. 

User ActivityThis report provides a list of actions taken by users of P3 that includes editing, saving, sending, and deleting tips.   Tip List Report 
This report provides a list of tips along with their ID’s, dates created, delivery dates, recipients, status, and offense type. Tip Allocation Report This report provides a list of tips grouped by their recipients.
 Tip Volume ReportThis report provides a count of the number of tips that were received during days of the week and hours of the day.   Tip Summary ReportThis report provides a count of the number of tips for each offense type.    Tip Count ReportThis report shows a breakdown of the number of tips for each recipient.  Disposition Report
This report provides a summary of tip information such as status, arrests, and recovery totals.  This report gives you a concise view of disposition or “conclusion” information such as status, arrest, and recovery totals.  This report summarizes the disposition information recorded on the Disposition tab of the Tip Manager.

Reward Recommendations 
This report lists the recommended reward amounts for each tip.
Recommendation Details 
This report provides a reward recommendation report for each tip that can be used to get official signatures from board members.  

Actual Rewards 
This report provides a list of rewards that have been approved for payment. 
 Private Notes Report This report provides private notes that users have made for tips within a given date range. Tip Website ReferrersThis report displays a list of website domains that have referred tipsters to your tip form. Tip Map ReportThis report displays the locations reported on tips for a given date range. 

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