What can we migrate into P3?

What Migration Includes: Tips are included with data for Report ID, Alt ID, Case ID, Other ID, Created Date, Delivered Date, Delivered To, Status, Stat Date, Followup Date, Offense Type, Offense Other, Address, City & State, Latitude, Longitude, and the Tip Narrative.   Tips are exported from TipSoft into P3 in the form of an XML file if they are not marked as “Secure” or “Excluded” on the Misc tab of the Tip Manager in TipSoft. Users can uncheck Secure tips prior to migration if they want them migrated.  Also, tips that are purged in TipSoft cannot be migrated even though they are counted in the Main Statistical Report in TipSoft. Recipients and the associated contacts are part of the migration. Private Notes, Disposition, and Reward information are included separately in summary report documents.  These are not migrated into the P3 database. What Migration Does Not Include: Images for each tip, suspects, Supp ID, How Aware data, and Miscellaneous Settings are not included in the migration. Disposition sheets submitted through a web form are also not included of the migration. Detailed tip delivery information and user activity logs are also not available for migration.  

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