I’m getting duplicate text messages or email notifications. How can I fix this?

Text Duplication
If users get multiple text notifications for a single tip change then the problem may be with the cell phone carrier (e.g. Verizon).  There have been reports of customers getting 30 to 50 duplicate text notifications.  This problem is often resolved by temporarily turning off Wi-Fi on the phone and the turning off the phone for a few minutes.  The duplicate text notifications often stop after the phone is rebooted.

Email DuplicationIf the audit tab shows that only one email notice is sent and yet the recipient receives multiple copies of the same email with the same time stamp, then there is likely a problem with the recipients email server.  The solution is to have the recipient contact their local IT person and have them restart/reset their email server and have the recipient also restart their computer.  More information about this problem can be found here:  http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1047.html Note that this is not a result of an error in the P3 code but rather a problem with email server synchronization.  If the problem persists, then please have the recipient forward several copies of the email to support@andersoft.com along with a statement that these are duplicate notices.  This will allow our support team to verify that the problem is indeed a result of the email server or to determine if there is another problem.

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