How do the Tip Filters work? (Call Center)

The icons shown on the Tip Manager have the following meaning:

 New Tip
 Updated Tip
 Read by me
 Read by another user

 The icons in the Delivered Date column have the following meaning:

 Read by recipient
 The recipient has seen an earlier version of the tip but not the latest updates

 The filter buttons located on the lower right on the call center tip manager have the following functionality:

  • Urgent: This shows a list of tips that have not been marked as urgent on the Misc tab and have not yet been read by the recipient.  
  • Undelivered: This shows a list of tips that have not been delivered to your client.  
  • Unread: This filter shows new or updated tips that have not been read by the client or anyone at the call center.   
  • Not Viewed: This filter shows which tips created and delivered by the call center have never been viewed by the client.

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