How do I export a report into Excel?

This video describes what you need to know about exporting a report into Excel. Note #1: If you get a warning about the file type when you export a P3 report to Excel, then click Ok to get past the warning message.  Not all versions of Excel recognize the spreadsheet files exported by P3.  Once you get past the warning message you will see that Excel will display the exported data. Note #2:  We found a problem with a Microsoft Office update from July 2016 that results in blank Excel files.  The workaround is to download the Excel file and then right click on it and select “Properties” and check “Unblock” as shown in the image below.   Note that you will then be prompted with “…Do you want to open the file now?” when you try to open the file after Unblocking it.   If you want to open the file, you would then click Yes. Note #3:  If you have received a Microsoft Word Security Warning while attempting to access Excel documents (“Certificate error: The application experienced an internal error loading the SSL libraries”) then please note that this problem is related to TLS updates. Certain applications and services in Windows cannot use the updated security protocols.  The following link will redirect you to a Microsoft resource on the topic which explains how these kinds of issues can be corrected. Please share this resource with your organization’s IT department, and they should be able to apply the fix:  To work around this Microsoft issue you can do the following:    1. Right click on the Excel file link and save the Excel file to the desktop.    2. Open Excel and load the Excel file from the desktop. 

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