How can I restrict access to attachments?

Inappropriate AttachmentsA user or a contact can mark an attachment as inappropriate on the Attachment tab of the Tip Manager.  Users and contacts can be setup to have full access, some access, or no access to attachments.  Users or contacts with “some access” cannot see attachments that are marked as inappropriate. Sanitizing Two-Way DialogIn the General Settings of P3 there is a setting on the Settings tab that reads as follows:“Allow users to moderate/sanitize two-way dialog prior to viewing by recipients”.If this is set to “Yes” then recipient contacts can only see attachments that are approved by a user.  This would block all recipients from being able to view attachments or two-way dialog by default. This means that users must manually approve each submission for viewing by recipient contacts.  Users approve two-way dialog either on the Main tab or the Dialog tab of the Tip Manager. Blocking Access to AttachmentsThere is an attachment setting in the User Manager and in the Recipient Manager that can prohibit a user from viewing any attachments within P3.

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