How can I pass parameters to the tip form?

The basic tip form URL has the following form: where 999 should be replaced with your P3 account number.  To change the color of the tip form you can use: where C and T are the background color and text color of the header in hex color code.  If X=1 then the tip form will be automatically expanded from its collapsed form.  The top header can be excluded from the tip form as follows: Any additional custom variable can be pass into the tip as follows: Note that Suspect Name and Warrant Number are just two of an unlimited collection of custom variables that can be used. It is generally not a good practice to include an HTTPS (secure) link in an iframe that is embedded in an HTTP document.  This is referred to as mixed content.  However, Safe2Tell has done this for many years and has not reported a problem. Note: If your a migrating from TipSoft to P3, then your webmaster need only make the following changes:  Replace “” with “” for all tip form links.

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