How can I assign a tip to a recipient as “Info Only”?

P3 gives you the ability to assign a tip to a primary recipient as well as an “info only” recipient. This feature will allow the administrative user to assign a tip to a primary recipient for investigation as well as deliver the same tip to multiple recipients as “info only” without affecting allocation and statistical reports. A new “Info Only” check box was added to the dialog for the Info button on the “Deliver To” tab of the tip manager.  “Info Only” recipients are excluded from all reports in which a P3 recipient filter exists. The Tip Count Report will give you a break down of tips assigned to a recipient as the primary investigator as well as those delivered as “info only”. Disposition statistics such as recovered property/narcotics, arrests, cases cleared, etc. are not attributed to “Info Only” recipients, just the primary recipient. Click here to view a short demonstration video (Video#14 Info Only Recipient) of this new feature.

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