Can I prevent some users from viewing images?

Anderson Software is well aware of the concerns regarding civilian reception of tips and reports that contain sexually explicit images of minors.  P3 is very flexible in this regard, with features specifically designed to manage this issue. There are three varying levels of attachment viewing rights for Users and Recipient Contacts. View All – can see all attachments.View Some – can view all attachments… except those tagged as inappropriate.View None – cannot view attachments. Conceptually, P3 can be configured to run in three “modes” related to inappropriate attachments and images.  

  • Locked Down – All attachments come in tagged as inappropriate by default.  Only users with ‘View All’ access can see them.  Those users can un-tag the appropriate attachments for others to see.
  • Cautious – Tipsters are given the option to tag an attachment as inappropriate upon tip submission.  Users with ‘View All’ access will see them – others cannot until cleared by an authorized user.
  • No Worries – All tips come in tagged as appropriate.  Any user can subsequently tag any attachment inappropriate as deemed necessary.

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