2018 versus 2019

There are many people who say that everybody that wants a job has one, and that American citizens are not having their jobs taken by illegal and non-immigrant guest workers.

Hiding in plain site, we have a government report that tells a totally different story.

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If we compare those numbers against each other, we find the following.

In plain english, we find that the civilian noninstitutional population for foreign born went up 284,000 and that native born went up 1,175,000.

And that the civilian labor force for foreign born workers went up 932,000 and for native born workers, went up 1,136,000

This is a huge difference as foreign born had a population increase of 284,000 and a gain of 928,000 more foreign born workers being employed.

Whereas, native born Americans had a gain of 1,175,000 population increase and a gain of 1,188,000 more native born workers being employed.

How can any sane man or woman look at that and not realize that the deck is being stacked against the American citizen who is native born?

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