They think that anybody over a certain age is going to be used up.

He moved to New York City and worked at the software company Hyperion, designing performance management tools. He led a team at Hyperion that worked with universities, signing and managing Yale, Harvard, Brown and dozens of other schools as clients. He traveled the world.

He married and had a son, settling down in a large, 19th century house in Fairfield, Conn. His friend, Mr. Biagini, himself having found success as a longtime body double for Robin Williams, visited and marveled at how far his fast-talking fellow space geek had come.

“It was Geoff having come to fruition as a responsible, high-earning family man,” he said. “He adored his son. He adored his wife. He had it all.”

Then he lost it all.

Mr. Weglarz was cremated in September. His sister plans to scatter his ashes in Manhattan, home to many successes in his acting years and where he began his computer career, long before the day he parked his car on the street and never left.

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  1. Virgil you are a moron. Habibul Bashar is Yogendra Sagar. He is an Indian. Yogendra was never a STEM worker so how could he have been displaced by H1b? Just like you were never displaced by H1b. Nobody hired you because you don’t have skills. Duh! Funny you need an Indian to contribute $1000 to reach your GoFundMe goal! The GoFundMe should be reported as it instigates hatred towards Indians and Dawn Collins should be arrested for promoting hatred. If any violence happens to Indians, Dawn Collins will be responsible.

    1. The question you should be asking is why are both displaced americans and older guest workers who became citizens are banding together.
      I believe it is because all of us are realizing what is happening and it is jeopardizing our future.

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